A note about Tires

Your vehicle’s tires are expensive. You want them to last as long
as possible. So, what are the three most important things you can
do to ensure the longest possible life for your tires?

  •  Maintain proper tire pressure. Buy a high-quality tire gauge.
    Then, each time you fill up with fuel, use the gauge to check the
    pressure in each tire while the pump is running. The proper pressure
    for your vehicle is listed on a tag in the driver’s door jamb.
  •  Rotate your tires regularly. Front and rear tires wear
    differently, and non-drive axles wear more unevenly than drive axles.
    To even all this out, your tires should be rotated at regular intervals:
    Every 7,500 miles is a general rule of thumb; or, for your convenience,
    simply ask us to rotate the tires with each oil change.
  •  Do periodic alignment checks. Nothing can wear out your tires
    faster than an alignment that is outside of factory specifications. Your
    tires will literally be scrubbing against the road surface if all four of them
    are not tracking one another perfectly, left to right, and front to rear.
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