BMW takes a chance in shift to carbon fiber for auto efficiency edge

Bloomberg news reviews BMWs use of carbon fiber for savings of weight and fuel efficiency in the new plugin electric microcar i3, comparing them to other European car manufacturers in their strategy to be the king of new green tech in automotive performance.

Did you know that creating carbon fiber for the new BMW i3 involves stripping carbon atoms from acrylic threads, assembling mats from the carbon crystals and then injected with a plastic-based resin?

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BMW recalling over 76,000 automobiles due to brakes issue

BMW is recalling 76,200

  • 2012-14 BMW 320i and 328i sedans,
  • 2014 328i xDrive Sports wagons,
  • 2012-13 BMW 528i sedans,
  • 2013-14 BMW X1 sDrive28i and X1 xDrive28i SUVs,
  • 2013-14 BMW X3 xDrive28i SUVs, and
  • 2012-14 BMW Z4 sDrive28i sports cars.

All are equipped with BMW’s 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine and have exhibited a problem where a lack of oil in the brake system can cause the brakes to require much harder brake pedal pressure by the driver’s foot in order to slow / stop.

BMW will notify owners of defective cars ...

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BMW to introduce new “Z2” roadster in 2016

BMW will produce a “Z2” that will be about the size of the original 1990’s-era “Z3” roadster. Slated for release sometime in 2015 and for production for model-year 2016, this roadster will be front-wheel-drive vehicle. The Z2 will be a two-seat roadster based on the new multiplatform, front-wheel-drive UKL system which will be used for multiple models from the new MINI, the X1 and possibly this new Z2 model.

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BMW Electric Microcar will go on sale in 2014

BMW will introduce the all-electric i3 next year at the base price of  $42,225.

Some buyers of this car will qualify for the $7500 US tax credit in addition to variable state and local tax breaks for purchasing such a “green” vehicle. The new BMW i3 will be officially unveiled next week in New York, London and Beijing (apparently the target cities for such a small vehicle).

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BMW creates a video game console concept

BMW DesignWorks USA has unveiled a concept called the “M8” that is basically a gaming PC with BMW design sensitivities. Their idea was to create a gaming PC that would look awesome set vertically or horizontally. The concept has a cool mirrored interior to make the case look empty on one side. The computer hardware and motherboard can be seen from the other. The concept features a 802.11ac WiFi module and Bluetooth v4.0 providing up to 867Mbps wireless internet connection and ...

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