Factory Recall Visits to the Dealer should be Free

Recall Visits to the Dealer should be Free

From time to time, many of our clients receive notices from the manufacturer notifying them of a recall situation. They are being instructed to take their vehicles to their local dealer to satisfy these recall notices. So far, no problem. Expecting nothing more than a free replacement of a defective part or some other update to their vehicle, owners are also receiving a “courtesy” inspection of the entire vehicle along with a laundry ...

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Summer is here, are you and your BMW / MINI / Mercedes ready?

Now is the best time to get your vehicles ready for summer’s upcoming heat. Below is a quick checklist for ensuring your drives in the sun will be memorable ones for all the “right” reasons.

  • Brake pad and rotor wear should be checked to make sure they are within factory specifications. Brake fluid should
    be clean and fresh. Damaged or worn out suspension parts should be replaced.
  • Worn out or damaged tires should be replaced and the wheel alignment checked. Shocks and struts also have a ...
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Nothing beats having “a friend in the business!”

Isn’t it a great feeling when you find yourself in the market for a product or service, and you just happen to know someone in that industry? Maybe your refrigerator quits working one day, but you just happen to have a good friend in the appliance repair business. You can make sound decisions with confidence knowing you’ll get accurate, honest advice from someone who cares about you.

At Quality Motors, we think of ourselves as your friend in the automotive business. ...

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Is car repair a commodity?

wrenchinainteasyIt is very hard to compare “apples to apples” when deciding
between auto repair shops. By contrast, when shopping around for
a new refrigerator, once you decide on a make and model you can
easily compare vendors based solely on price. The product itself
is exactly the same regardless of who you buy it from.
Car repair is different. Parts ...

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We now recommend MyCarFax to all customers

CarFax is known the world over for providing concise information on used automobiles, but now they have introduced something new:


Here’s their pdf flyer

“MyCarFax” is a great resource to log the service that’s being done to your car while you own it. Quality Motors will be submitting service data to MyCarFax nightly.  When and if you ever want to sell the car being logged in MyCarFax, CarFax will have complete service information ...

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