Hope you have a great weekend!

Have a great weekend!

If Rat Fink had a BMW 2002

Watch as Autoblog destroys a BMW by dropping a Mercedes on it!

Turkish Engineers create a real life Transformer BMW-Bot


Hold your Horses!

Unsure his car would start again because of a weak battery, a man in Miami left the car running as he ran into a store to make a purchase. To be “safe,” he parked in a remote area of the lot, locked his car doors, and took the key fob with him. He returned to his car a half hour later to find it being chased by firemen and police. Apparently, his car had slipped out of park, into reverse, and began driving in circles around the parking lot. A policeman was finally able to smash a window, jump in, and apply the brakes.

Oh no at the Airport

Look out!
A confused driver trying to return his rental car to an airport rental agency was just following the signs when he drove the car through some large, double sliding entry doors at the new Boise International Airport. After the doors opened when it sensed the motion of his vehicle, the man continued driving until he reached the rental counter—in the middle of the airport’s lobby! No one was hurt and nothing was damaged, so no charges were filed against the motorist. (At least they can’t say he didn’t return the car!)

What it feels like to service your BMW at Quality Motors

Quick turnaround BMW service time

Just trying to do my job, here!

The show must go on…


Hang up and DRIVE!

In North Bay, Ontario, a police officer sat in a line of cars that did not move through two full traffic light cycles. At the third red light, the officer got out of his patrol car and walked up to the first car in line to see what the problem was. Expecting to find some emergency, the officer instead found a driver thoroughly engaged in a cell phone conversation. When the officer asked why the motorist wasn’t moving when the light turned green, he was told by the driver that since it was illegal to drive while talking on a cell phone, the driver was simply sitting still until the call was finished. A verbal thrashing by the officer quickly ended the motorist’s call.

BMW knows cute

The elusive Trump / NASCAR connection

This is an interesting read:

Oh, no you missed!


Rabbit takes over race track

Why did they think they could catch him?

Police officer pulls car over for running lights, then helps deliver baby…IN TRAFFIC!

The fattening of America

America’s demographics are changing. One of the world’s largest crash-test-dummy makers is releasing an obese, 280-pound model so car manufacturers can test the effects that layers of fat have on safety restraints and air bag systems. “This American life,” no relation to the radio show!

D’oh! This rally driver is having a bad day

Horn Wars

Wait for it…

This BMW 3-series driver thinks he bought a truck!

BMW 3-series convertible thinks its a truck