BMW Releases the “X2” concept

And continuing the larger-and-larger kidney grilles every time a new design is released:

Mercedes plans all-out electric-drive offensive to top Tesla

Wow the new Mercedes AMG E43 looks amazing!


Big Three German Auto Makers finalize takeover of Nokia’s maps software

Autoweek thinks you should hold off on any new car purchases- the new BMW M2 starts hitting dealers in 2016

The differences in differentials

Photos from Frankfurt of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Coupe

Looks hot at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show!

Wired Magazine reviews Android for Autos

Admit it, the auto manufacturers could do a much better job on the navigation / infotainment software currently offered in their vehicles. Many are turning to Apple to manage their systems, still others are using Google’s Android Operating system for Autos. Wired takes a look at their current offering and gives us the skinny on how well it works.

The occasional frustration still beats the very low bar set by car manufacturers. (via Ars Technica)

Posted by WIRED on Monday, July 27, 2015

Self driving semi-trucks starting their testing in Germany

Would you ride in a driverless car?

Autoguide takes us into our driverless future:


Lets tour the F30 3-series manufacturing facility!

We see many of the different departments in the factory including the metal stamping, the paintworks and more!

Wired attended the 2014 LA Auto Show and bring us the list of cars they wanted to drive home from the show!

BMW Introduces the X5 security edition in Russia

CNET Reviews the 3rd gen BMW X5

CNET goes the distance with this new review of BMW’s latest X5. While there are many good points, there are some features which are a little hokey / questionable to the reviewer.

PC Magazine calls out the auto industry on consumer demand for technology interoperability

C-Net tests the new GoPro camera app integration for BMW

Here’s the new BMW M4 Convertible, looking fine

BMW has almost made me forget about the name change!

Mandatory Rear view cameras coming soon?

Will mandatory rear-view cameras usher in a police state?

MINI Countryman to get a facelift for 2015

BMWBlog reviews BMW’s new proactive driving technology

BMWBLog recently reviewed BMW’s new “proactive driving” technology. This new feature being added to new BMW vehicles software allows the cars to make more intelligent decisions in regards to automatic transmission selection. For instance, if a car pulls out in front of one of these BMWs, the car becomes aware of the driver’s new predicament and can keep the transmission in the correct gear to ensure the driver has the proper engine speed to get around the other car.

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