Recall Visits to the Dealer should be Free

From time to time, many of our clients receive notices from the manufacturer notifying them of a recall situation. They are being instructed to take their vehicles to their local dealer to satisfy these recall notices. So far, no problem. Expecting nothing more than a free replacement of a defective part or some other update to their vehicle, owners are also receiving a “courtesy” inspection of the entire vehicle along with a laundry list of “urgent” customer charged repairs and services un-related to the recall notice.

This is a problem! Read on …
Based on the inspection reports that we have seen, much of the work being recommended is not needed at all, let alone urgent. It appears to be nothing more than a scare tactic to get you to spend money. Recalls should be FREE! If you experience this situation, please DO NOT authorize any repairs or services until you call Quality Motors at 364-3636 and let us review their recommendations and advise you accordingly.