wrenchinainteasyIt is very hard to compare “apples to apples” when deciding
between auto repair shops. By contrast, when shopping around for
a new refrigerator, once you decide on a make and model you can
easily compare vendors based solely on price. The product itself
is exactly the same regardless of who you buy it from.
Car repair is different. Parts and material quality can vary
wildly, as can installation labor. There are plenty of cheap parts
and labor shortcuts a shop can take to get you the “best” price.
But is that really what you want? Is that the most important thing?
Second to a home, vehicles are the most costly items most
people will ever buy. To ensure the best return on this investment
(longest possible life, carefree operation and highest trade-in value),
proper care and quality repairs are critical. Cutting corners may save
you a few dollars up front, but it will cost you much more than you
save in the long run.
Before making any decisions that might take you away
from QualityMotors, always discuss it with us first—we won’t be
offended. If there are lower cost alternatives, we’ll tell you. If not,
we’ll tell you why not, and at least you’ll be making an informed
decision. One thing you can always count on is this: we will never
compromise your safety or the reliability of your vehicles just to
make a sale. You are too important to us for that.

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B Eagle