Now is the best time to get your vehicles ready for summer’s upcoming heat. Below is a quick checklist for ensuring your drives in the sun will be memorable ones for all the “right” reasons.

  • Brake pad and rotor wear should be checked to make sure they are within factory specifications. Brake fluid should
    be clean and fresh. Damaged or worn out suspension parts should be replaced.
  • Worn out or damaged tires should be replaced and the wheel alignment checked. Shocks and struts also have a finite service life and can cause rapid or uneven tire wear, or worse, a loss of
    control during sudden or evasive emergency maneuvers if they are worn out or not operating correctly.
  • Engine belts that are worn out, stretched, or damaged can suddenly fail and leave you stranded. In addition, some belt failures can be catastrophic to an engine. Replace belts before you “need” to!
  • Each of the various fluids and filters in your vehicle help protect a specific system. Keeping those filters and fluids fresh and clean will ensure a long and reliable automotive life.
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B Eagle