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Quality Motors loves BMWs! Our staff have been fans of the brand since before there was such a thing as a 3-series or a 5-series, but through our decades of experience we have grown to love all of their vehicles more. Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works in German) started in the early 20th century in Munich, Germany making airplane engines, motorcycle engines and kit-car engines for the 1910-20s Austin brand of vehicles before producing their own vehicles. They started producing motorcycles and their own licensed version of the Austin 7 carriage design that BMW called “the Dixi.” Soon they produced their own sedan with it’s own distinctive “kidney grilles” that is still featured on BMWs entire range of vehicles ever since.

Quality Motors knows BMW, call us to get started today!

BMW Oil & Filter Change

Quality Motors is your source for any BMW Oil Change service in South Orange County, CA!

Quality Motors utilizes original equipment oil filters and premium Valvoline European spec pure synthetic oil that meets or exceeds all BMW specifications. All of our BMW service and repairs are warrantied for 24 months or 24,000 miles. Our suite of premium services includes a client lounge with wi-fi and refreshments, complimentary shuttle service, loaner cars and car wash. Request an appointment today on line or give us a call. One of our dedicated client advisers is ready to deliver the Quality Motors experience. 38 years of serving Orange County.

Oil Change Frequently asked questions:

Q: If I get my oil changed will my Inspection service light go out.

A: No, the light will not be reset unless the BMW Service that the light is on for is performed.

Q: My service engine soon or check engine light is on, will it go out after the oil is changed?

A: No, if one of those lights are on there is a engine or transmission malfunction that is being detected in board diagnostic system. We would need to perform a diagnostic scan and verify the failure to determine what needs to be replaced or repaired.

Q: Can Quality Motors change my oil while I wait?

A: Yes, we offer a quick lube service for vehicles that are due for the interim oil change, We recommend a oil change and filter every 5,000 miles. We have a comfortable lobby with wi fi and refreshments for you to wait in while we service your vehicle. Please let us know when you make your appointment that you would like to wait.

Q: Is getting my oil changed at the Quicky Lube or a foreign car shop the same as Quality Motors?

A: No, Quality Motors is a specialized facility utilizing the highest quality lubricants and filters. The only similarity with the Quicky Lube is the price! There is nothing foreign about your car at Quality Motors.

Q: What kind of oil do you use?

A: We use Valvoline euro spec 5/40 mst synthetic oil. This oil meets or exceeds all BMW specifications.

Q: Do you mind if I bring my own parts and oil?

A: Sorry, nocando!

Q: Does anything else come with an oil & filter change service?

A: Every service at Quality Motors includes a full digital inspection with photos, tire pressure checked and adjusted and all fluids checked and topped off.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment for an oil change service in my BMW?

A: Appointments are preferred.

Q: Do you do oil changes while I wait?

A: Yes, we have a comfortable lobby with wi fi and beverages, additionally we have a shuttle standing by to take you to your home or office, then pick you up when the job is complete

Q: If I try to change the oil at home and strip the drain plug, what steps should I take?

A; Stop and have your car towed in.

Q: I want to do oil changes more frequently than the factory recommends, can you help me?

A: due to premature engine wear and sludging, we strongly suggest a oil change every 5,000-7,500 miles.

Where your Bimmer was manufactured (only applies to recently-produced vehicles)

BMW Factory Dingolfing – Dingolfing, Germany

  • 4-series
  • 5-series
  • 7-series
  • 8-series

BMW Regensburg Factory – Regensburg, Germany

  • X1 SAVs
  • X2 SAVs

BMW Factory Leipzig – Leipzig, Germany

  • 2-Series
  • i8 super-electric
  • i3 micro-efficient

BMW’s US Factory – Greer, South Carolina, USA

  • X3 SAVs
  • X4 SAVs
  • X5 SAVs
  • X6 SAVs
  • X7 SAVs

BMW Factory San Luis Potosí – San Luis Potosí, Mexico

  • 3-series

Factory Magna Steyr (Contract plant) – Graz, Austria

  • Z4 roadsters

BMW Brake Service

Your BMW was designed with one of the most advanced automotive braking systems in the world. At Quality Motors, we know what it takes to keep your vehicle’s brake system performing like new. We offer original equipment BMW brake components (rotors, pads, brake wear sensor) that will maintain your BMW factory warranty. Dustless lifetime guarantee brake pads are available on some models. Request an appointment online today or give us a call. One of our professional client advisers is ready to help.

Brakes frequently asked questions:

Q: How often should I need to replace my rotors?

A: The life of a brake rotors depends on many factors, the area you are driving in ie: hills, all freeway stop and go etc… But in general, most vehicles will need new rotors every other time the brake pads are replaced.

Q: My brakes are squealing, does that mean I need new brakes?

A: No, it does not mean you need new brakes, the squeal is generated from the dust on me pad causing a vibration. You may still need brakes, but not just because they are squealing.

Q; What is that black stuff on my wheels?

A: The black stuff is dust from the brake pads, Ask us about our premium dustless brake pads!

An industry trend in auto maintenance offers consumers an increase in the number of repair chains dedicated to specific services such as oil changes, mufflers, tires, brakes, etc. These chains claim to offer super-quick service and super-cheap prices, but are you really getting a bargain? Not necessarily.

Let’s look at oil changes and point out some differences between a Full-Service Shop like Quality Motors, and a “10 minute” shop or a mobile mechanic service:

  • With a Full-Service Repair Shop, you get a dedicated, industry-certified, professional mechanic working on your car. Someone who’s experienced and considers his job a career. By contrast, you could end up with a disinterested, inexperienced, between-jobs person with very little long-term commitment.
  • With a Full-Service Shop, you get a facility that can handle every safety and repair issue that might come up. Or, you could use a shop that just cherry picks all the “easy” stuff and overlooks, or ignores everything else.
  • With a Full-Service Shop, you build a relationship with a single source for ALL your vehicle’s maintenance, repair, and service. No passing the buck there! During the course of a “simple” oil change service, our mechanics are also examining your entire car from top to bottom.We inspect hoses, belts, CV boots, tire condition, radiator, fans, fluids, undercarriage, etc. When you stop in for a “10 minute” service, you only get 10 minutes of service!

Vehicles today are very complex and expensive! Having all of your service and repair work done at a single location allows us to know and track your cars history. It takes the guesswork out of what was done, and what might have been missed or overlooked. The bottom line is this: thorough maintenance is money (and time) well spent.


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BMW Inspection Services

The Inspection first visit is at approximately 30,000 miles or 1 year. The exact time is determined by the vehicle’s “Condition-Based Service” system. Then it is approximately every 30,000 miles or 2 years. This applies for model year 2009 and newer. In addition to Inspection services, Quality Motors recommends a interim oil and filter change every 5,000 miles.

This is what we do for this service:

  1. Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement
  2. Oil Filter Replacement
  3. Cabin Filter Replacement
  4. Complete digital vehicle inspection with a report emailed to you at time of service. This insures that you can discuss the images and information in the report with your client adviser and make informed decisions on additional repairs that may be needed.
  5. Check all exterior lighting.
  6. Reset Maintenance Counter
  7. Road test and car wash.

All services and repairs performed by Quality Motors will maintain your new car warranty.