BMW teams up with solar charging companies for the i3 and i8 EV

BMW has just partnered with Germany’s Solarwatt to produce solar-powered home charging systems for BMWs range of new plugin hybrid and electric vehicles for the European market. BMW is working this month on new charging system features for the US market at the 2013 Bay Area Sustainability Hackathon near San Francisco.

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BMW blog interviews BMW’s Eric Sargent about upcoming changes to idrive

Eric Sargent details the upcoming version of the iDrive 4.2, with built-in Audible audiobooks, Rhapsody music streaming, 3d graphics processing, as well as 200GB of storage for apps and music.

Mercedes GLA debuts at Shanghai Motor Show

Mercedes is debuting their newest SUV concept at Shanghai’s annual motor show. This micro SUV will have a 4 cylinder, turbo-charged 2 liter motor with a seven speed double clutch automatic transmission. This model features HD cameras that can be used to record video both on the car and off.

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Historic Driving Gullwing Mercedes

Mercedes Benz Gullwing “Poetry In Motion” Video

Mercedes-Benz interviews a Gullwing owner in their eGarage YouTube series:

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New M Performance Power Kit for 2012 335i Sedan

BMW has released the new M Performance Power kit for the F30 335i. The kit includes a redesigned air intake, engine cover and sportier ECU program to match. Kit includes rocker panel decals. Read more at autoblog below:

Alpina releases their first X crossover model: the XD3

Alpina offers special tuned BMWs direct from the factory with special wheels, drivetrain and trim. They have just released a new Europe-only model based on the BMW X3, called the Alpina XD3. The new model features a twin turbocharged 6 cylinder diesel motor with 350 horsepower and 516 foot/lbs of torque.

Rare Mercedes Gullwing totaled in Germany by Test Driving Technicians

Apparently 20 year old auto technicians can’t keep themselves on the road when they are test driving a classic Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing. They went too fast during a test drive and lost control of the vehicle and rolled over. Luckily, their auto shop had insurance coverage for such an unfortunate accident. I am sure they will be more careful next time! Our technicians are much more careful and safe during test drives, we’ve never had an incident!

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