Quality Motors is a Full-Service Shop

An industry trend in auto maintenance offers consumers an increase in the number of repair chains dedicated to specific services such as oil changes, mufflers, tires, brakes, etc. These chains claim to offer super-quick service and super-cheap prices, but are you really getting a bargain? Not necessarily.

Let’s look at oil changes and point out some differences between a Full-Service Shop like Quality Motors, and a “10 minute” shop:

  • With a Full-Service Repair Shop, you get a dedicated, industry-certified, professional mechanic working ...
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Mercedes is developing a new fast-stopping ground-contact airbag

Mercedes is working on a collision avoidance air bag that will deploy underneath the vehicle. When sensors detect an imminent collision, the airbag will inflate and lift the vehicle off the ground by several inches. The increased friction caused by the airbags contact with the road will bring the vehicle to a much quicker stop than the tires can. It will also keep the vehicle level during an impact, minimizing the dangers associated with the vehicle’s running underneath the vehicle ...

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Carbon & Sludge build up in your engine

We can help keep sludge to a minimum!

The quality of the fuel and oils you use in your vehicle matters. As your engine is running, poor quality fuel and oil can leave behind performance robbing deposits. These deposits will gradually build up over time and cause you the following problems:

  • Premature Fuel Injector & Spark Plug Failure
  • Lower Fuel Economy & Loss of Performance
  • Hard Starting & Rough Running Conditions
  • Greatly Reduced Engine Life

So how can you avoid these problems?

  • Always use 91 Octane Gasoline ...
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