Take a tour of the Mercedes plant in Sindelfingen

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In Los Angeles, there are more cars than people.

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There’s a new Mercedes Maybach G 650 coming out

Just another day in the USA

A 100+ pound wheel and tire combo of a passing tractor-trailer rig came off and careened through an Illinois home that was located adjacent to the highway. The homeowner, who was sitting in his favorite chair watching TV at the time, said the wheel came through a front window, bounced off the floor in front of him, then off of his new flat screen television, smashing it to pieces, before heading into the dining room where it wrecked a china cabinet and its contents before bouncing down the hall and into a bedroom, knocking pictures off the wall and wrecking a bookcase of collectibles along the way. It finally came to rest in a water bed, puncturing it, and flooding the bedroom carpet (plus the ceiling and furniture of the finished basement below) with water. Fortunately, no one was hurt in all the excitement; the homeowner told police it reminded him of a pinball machine, just less fun.

Jalopnik says here comes the 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S Wagon

BMW is quiet about their wagon plans for the US in the future, but Mercedes-AMG is here to save the day with their upcoming 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate version. Check out their article linked in the pin below:

New BMW Z5 / Toyota Supra caught testing in the snow

About your Transmission!

The transmission is the most complex mechanical system in your vehicle. As such, it is one of the most expensive to repair or replace. Because it is mechanical in nature, it needs a special fluid to keep it working properly and protect its many finely-machined, intricate parts. Transmission fluid endures heavy abuse as you drive. One of its various jobs is to limit wear on the friction plates that control the transfer of energy from your vehicle’s engine to its wheels. As it does this particular job, some wear is inevitable. So transmission fluid is designed to also carry this abrasive material through a filtering system. Over time, however, the fluid loses its ability to perform this function efficiently. It must be replaced! If not, wear and tear of your transmission’s internal parts will accelerate. Ultimately, this will result in component failure and a very BIG repair bill. Fortunately, a simple and relatively inexpensive transmission service, done on a periodic basis, will prevent this problem and allow your transmission to run great and last for the life of your car.