One Third of Mercedes-Benz drivers opt-in to self-driving cars

Mercedes recalls some C300 and C400 vehicles for headlight updates

Adjustable headlights can be too high to blast oncoming drivers or too low to see anything.

Oh no at the Airport

Look out!
A confused driver trying to return his rental car to an airport rental agency was just following the signs when he drove the car through some large, double sliding entry doors at the new Boise International Airport. After the doors opened when it sensed the motion of his vehicle, the man continued driving until he reached the rental counter—in the middle of the airport’s lobby! No one was hurt and nothing was damaged, so no charges were filed against the motorist. (At least they can’t say he didn’t return the car!)

Mercedes plans all-out electric-drive offensive to top Tesla

Loosing Juice in your Battery?

Vehicle batteries have it rough. Extremes of temperature, humidity, and constant charging and discharging begin to wear a battery down from the very first time it is called upon to work. The problem is, batteries tend to work OK or not at all. Very seldom are you given fair warning that total failure is imminent. Vehicle batteries typically last no more than 3-5 years under normal operating conditions. After that, their ability to accept and hold a charge is compromised.
The next time you are in for service, ask us to perform a “load test” to determine the health of your vehicle’s charging system & battery.