Mercedes-Benz shows off their lighting tech

Mercedes Anniversary June 23rd

Car and Driver takes a comparative look at the latest MINI, Ford and Fiat

C-Net tests the new GoPro camera app integration for BMW

Forbes’ Neil Winton says new BMW M Cars save fuel & the future of Motorsport at BMW

With the new BMW M4 and M3 Coupes and Sedans sporting inline 6 cylinder motors instead of the previous generations’ V8 engines, and including a twin-turbo boost system, the benchmark BMWs boast a 25% improvement in fuel efficiency. This simple fact makes Forbes’ Neil Winton feel like that M-cars have a future in the BMW stable.

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BMW i8 versus the new stretched Tesla Model S

Extreme Tech takes a look at the new rivalry between BMW and Tesla’s offerings in the plugin electric executive cars market worldwide. As leaders in the automotive industry it’s interesting to see how each company has encroached into each others perceived corner with BMW introducing plugin electric drive cars (i3 and the i8) and Tesla introducing a stretched sedan.

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