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Clean Wheels + Superior Braking Performance

Why settle for less when you can have both!

  • EURO Ultra-Premium Brake Pads are specially formulated to significantly reduce the black dust found so frequently on European vehicles and rims.
  • EURO Ultra-Premium Brake Pads include “ultra-quiet” technology to provide further comfort through the control of noise, vibration, and harshness.
  • EURO Ultra-Premium Brake Pads are designed to enhance overall European braking performance.
  • EURO Ultra-Premium Brake Pads are the ultimate brake system upgrade for original semi-metallic and low-metallic brake pad applications.

2019 Greetings!

As yet another year begins to unfold, we want to express our sincere appreciation to all those people who make the success of Quality Motors possible. First, we’d like to thank all our talented, hardworking, and dedicated employees and supply vendors—you are the engine that drives this company and you do a GREAT job! Next, we’d like to thank all of our valued customers and business associates. It is your loyalty and the trust you place in us that motivate and drive us forward each and every day.

With every new year, automotive technologies continue to evolve and vehicle complexity only increases, but we want everyone to rest assured that Quality Motors is ahead of this curve and will continue to provide the state-of-the-art solutions, the time and cost efficient service, and the personalized attention to detail that you need and deserve today, tomorrow, and in the years to come. We are dedicated to providing you with the very best automotive experience with each and every visit.

If there is ever anything we could do differently to better serve your automotive needs, please don’t hesitate to pass your thoughts and ideas along to us. We are here for the long haul, and we want you alongside us for the entire journey! Everyone here at Quality Motors wants to Thank You for your loyalty and for your referrals of friends and family. We appreciate you!

Springtime Savings - Get 10% back

Special Spring-time Offer!

Everyone likes to get something back from Uncle Sam.
For a limited time only, you can now get something back just for having your car serviced!
Receive a COSTCO Cash Card worth 10% of the labor on your next service or repair bill, only from Quality Motors!
Call today! (949) 364-3636

    • Must present offer at time of vehicle drop off.
    • Must have an appointment.
    • Must leave the car for the service or repairs.
    • Minimum $300.00 invoice.
    • Not valid in combination with other offers.
    • Cannot be used for tires, batteries, or accessories.

This offer is only valid from February 1 – May 31, 2019

Congrats ATI on being added to the ASE-approved prep videos

About Carbon & Sludge Build-up in your Engine

The quality of the fuel and oils you use in your vehicle matters.
As your engine is running, poor quality fuel and oil can leave
behind performance robbing deposits. These deposits will
gradually build up over time and cause you the following problems:

  • Premature Fuel Injector & Spark Plug Failure
  • Lower Fuel Economy & Loss of Performance
  • Hard Starting & Rough Running Conditions
  • Greatly Reduced Engine Life

So how can you avoid these problems?

  • Always use 91 Octane Gasoline or better
  • Change your engine oil every 5,000– 7,000 miles
  • Add a fuel system cleaner to the fuel at every oil change
  • Perform an induction system cleaning every 30,000 miles

Vehicles are a major investment. Proper care is money well spent.

Quality Motors is a Full-Service Shop

An industry trend in auto maintenance offers consumers an increase in the number of repair chains dedicated to specific services such as oil changes, mufflers, tires, brakes, etc. These chains claim to offer super-quick service and super-cheap prices, but are you really getting a bargain? Not necessarily.

Let’s look at oil changes and point out some differences between a Full-Service Shop like Quality Motors, and a “10 minute” shop:

  • With a Full-Service Repair Shop, you get a dedicated, industry-certified, professional mechanic working on your car. Someone who’s experienced and considers his job a career. By contrast, you could end up with a disinterested, inexperienced, between-jobs person with very little long-term commitment.
  • With a Full-Service Shop, you get a facility that can handle every safety and repair issue that might come up. Or, you could use a shop that just cherry picks all the “easy” stuff and overlooks, or ignores everything else.
  • With a Full-Service Shop, you build a relationship with a single source for ALL your vehicle’s maintenance, repair, and service. No passing the buck there! During the course of a “simple” oil change service, our mechanics are also examining your entire car from top to bottom.We inspect hoses, belts, CV boots, tire condition, radiator, fans, fluids, undercarriage, etc. Whenyou stop in for a “10 minute” service, you only get 10 minutes of service!

Vehicles today are very complex and expensive! Having all of your service and repair work done at a single location allows us to know and track your cars history. It takes the guesswork out of what was done, and what might have been missed or overlooked. The bottom line is this: thorough maintenance is money (and time) well spent.

Don’t try to make it, be ready ahead of time!

All you have to do to get stuck on the side of the road is ignore the temperature gauge or warning light on your dashboard, or neglect the periodic maintenance that your vehicle requires to remain safe and reliable. The summer season is the perfect time to get all your vehicles steady for the hot weather, and a cooling system check should be at the top of that list. Coolant fluids deteriorate over time. A simple quality check of your coolant strength along with a visual inspection of the belts and hoses is all it takes. If you are due for a coolant flush, this inexpensive service will ensure that your engine is protected from overheating or system damage due to hot summer temperatures.

Important! An engine without coolant will only run for a few seconds before it will literally seize up—requiring major repairs or even engine replacement. If your temperature gauge moves from its normal range, a warning light comes on, or you notice steam coming from under the hood, safely pull off the road immediately, turn off your engine, and call a tow truck. Don’t take any chances! Don’t wait for summer’s heat to blow your cool—schedule a System Service today!

Spring is in the Air!

Most of us equate the winter months with bad driving conditions, but spring brings its own challenges, mainly heavy rains and flash flooding. In addition, April through June is considered peak tornado season for much of the country. Add the increase in motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic (including school children) that warmer weather brings, then mix in winter’s damage such as new potholes and broken pavement, and you might begin longing for ice and snow again—just kidding!

The bottom line is that each season brings its own challenges to motoring safely. The best advice we can give you is to keep all your vehicles in tip-top shape and never let your guard down when driving. Turn that cell phone off so you can concentrate on what’s ahead of you, behind you, and beside you. Give yourself plenty of time to get where you’re going and maintain plenty of space around your vehicle to give you room to respond to the unexpected.

Everyone here at Quality Motors appreciates the opportunity you’ve given us to serve your automotive needs. Have a safe and pleasant spring season. Thank you!

Tires are no joke!

Tires are expensive. You want them to last as long as possible and give you all the performance they were designed to, day in and day out, in all seasons, and in all driving conditions. That’s what you ask of your vehicle’s tires. Now, what do your tires ask of you?

  • Maintain proper tire pressure
  • Do periodic wheel alignments
  • Rotate your tires regularly
  • Check for tire damage often
  • Maintain shocks & struts
  • Replace any worn bushings

Sound like a fair deal? Actually, it is the only deal you can make with a guaranteed payoff.

True or False- modern vehicles don’t have fan belts?

The answer is true. Most modern radiators are cooled with electric-driven fans instead of by a belt-driven fan like cars of old. Fan belts, however, did more than just spin a fan. They also used the rotation of the engine to power the alternator which gives your vehicle electrical energy, the power steering pump to make your vehicle easier to control, the air conditioner compressor to cool you off on hot summer days, as well as air pumps and coolant pumps on many models. Today, those components are still spun by a belt called a “serpentine belt.” What happens if your serpentine belt fails? Your steering suddenly becomes hard to control and your engine begins to drain the battery (very quickly). Plus, if no coolant is circulating through the radiator, catastrophic engine damage is imminent. Serpentine belts are made of rubber. They wear out, dry out, crack, and stretch. These are all signs that indicate it is time to replace the belt. Ask us to do a “belt check” on your next visit!

Here is 2018!

As we look back on the past year and consider all the wonderful customers and business associates we have the good fortune to serve and work with, all of us here at Quality Motors are overwhelmed with a profound sense of gratitude. We really do appreciate every one of you, and our shop newsletter is just our way of saying that to everyone at once—Thank You!
What’s ahead for 2018 as we begin our march forward? One thing you can count on is our continued commitment to high-quality, efficient, and thorough repairs and service. We know your continued loyalty and trust is not something we can assume, it is something we must earn, and that’s our intent.
Life is full of choices and surprises. We want to be that one rock-solid choice you don’t ever have to worry about again. When your vehicle needs attention, you know exactly who to call. Why? Because with Quality Motors there is never any surprises. Just people who care about you and your vehicle and who possess the talent, experience, work ethic, and equipment to get you “back on the road.”

Happy Holidays and New Year!

As 2017 winds to a close, our thoughts turn once again to all those who make what we do here at the shop possible. We’re referring, of course, to YOU, our valued customers. It’s your loyalty and “word-of-mouth” referrals of family, friends, and business associates that are the very foundation of our business—thank you! Everyone here at Quality Motors would like you to know that we never take your trust for granted. Each and every day, on each and every repair or sale we do, our main objective is to solve your automotive needs in the most quality-minded way possible. We strive to not only excel in the task at hand, but to always keep an eye out for potential concerns down the road. Our goal is to ensure that your family’s vehicles always remain safe and reliable.

You can also count on us to stay ahead of the ever-growing complexity of the vehicles you drive, providing you with solutions today, tomorrow, and for decades to come. We hope you have a GREAT holiday season and a TERRIFIC new year!

Don’t forget to drop off your toy for charity!

New Bicycle helmet warns nearby vehicles

A “Smart” bicycle helmet is in development by the Volvo Corporation that promises to reduce vehicle-bicycle collisions. Not only does the helmet provide impact protection, it is also equipped with a GPS transmitter that constantly uploads the cyclist’s location, direction, and speed to a cloud-based tracking system which maps it and compares it in real time to vehicle transmitted data in the same area. Whenever tracked trajectories threaten to overlap at the same time, a warning signal is transmitted to both the cyclist and the motorist in time to take evasive action. Red lights built into the bicycle helmet begin flashing, alerting the cyclist to the impending danger while making them more noticeable to the motorist. A warning is also projected onto the windshield of the affected vehicle in front of the driver’s line-of-sight. Of course, the key to this system’s effectiveness will be the percentage of vehicles and cyclists using it.

We appreciate you

As 2017 unfolds, all of us here at Quality Motors want you to know how much we really do appreciate the trust and loyalty you display each time you stop in to see us or send a referral our way. We will never cease to give you our very best with each passing day because you deserve nothing less. The most important measurement of a shop’s success is its customer satisfaction. In fact, it is the only measurement that really matters. When we solve your automotive needs in an honest, efficient, and thorough manner, providing quality repairs at a fair price, we all but guarantee our own success. It truly is a win-win relationship. But we couldn’t do it without you. Your continued loyalty and your referrals of friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors is what lets us know we’re on the right track. We also value your feedback, suggestions, advice, and comments. Who better than the people we serve to help steer us into the years ahead?While we stay ahead of the curve on the technical changes in our industry, we want you to feel free to let us know how we can better serve your changing needs as well. Thank you for choosing Quality Motors as your automotive professional. It is our pleasure to serve you!

About that road you’re driving on…

Asphalt starts out as a very hot goo. As it cools, it becomes hard (so we can drive on it), but also, somewhat brittle. Potholes begin as tiny cracks in the hardened surface of asphalt, due to traffic vibrations and the weight of heavy vehicles. These cracks allow water and ice to penetrate the asphalt surface and accelerate its degradation. The end result? Potholes. A materials science team at a university in the Netherlands has come up with a solution: They have mixed tiny metal fibers into hot asphalt before it is laid by a road crew. Then, when cracks first begin to appear, a truck with a powerful induction coil is driven over the roadway. In the same way an induction stove heats a metal cooking pan, the metal fibers in the asphalt are heated by the coil, re-softening the asphalt and closing up the cracks—vastly extending the life of the roadway.

We live in one of the most beautiful regions of the USA

Don’t you feel lucky to live here?

Just another day in the USA

A 100+ pound wheel and tire combo of a passing tractor-trailer rig came off and careened through an Illinois home that was located adjacent to the highway. The homeowner, who was sitting in his favorite chair watching TV at the time, said the wheel came through a front window, bounced off the floor in front of him, then off of his new flat screen television, smashing it to pieces, before heading into the dining room where it wrecked a china cabinet and its contents before bouncing down the hall and into a bedroom, knocking pictures off the wall and wrecking a bookcase of collectibles along the way. It finally came to rest in a water bed, puncturing it, and flooding the bedroom carpet (plus the ceiling and furniture of the finished basement below) with water. Fortunately, no one was hurt in all the excitement; the homeowner told police it reminded him of a pinball machine, just less fun.

“I was sure I could make it!”

No one wants to be this guy. However, it is all too easy to find yourself in his shoes. All you have to do is ignore the temperature gauge or warning light on your dash board, or neglect the periodic maintenance that your vehicle requires to remain safe and reliable.

The fall season is the perfect time to get your vehicles ready for the upcoming colder weather, and a cooling system check should be at the top of that list. Coolant fluids deteriorate over time. A simple quality check of your coolant strength along with a visual inspection of the belts and hoses is all it takes. If you are due for a coolant flush, this inexpensive service will ensure
that your engine is protected from overheating or system damage due to freezing temperatures.

Important: An engine without coolant will only run for a few seconds before it will literally seize up—requiring major repairs or even engine replacement. If your temperature gauge moves from its
normal range, a warning light comes on, or you notice steam coming from under the hood, safely pull off the road immediately, turn off your engine, and call a tow truck. Don’t take any chances!