Jalopnik says BMW’s M2 is for the track, not so much the street

With it’s reinforced body-work, the new M2 darling is more a track suit than a business suit…

Turkish Engineers create a real life Transformer BMW-Bot

Alpina E30

Tired Walls

In some parts of the world, old car and truck tires are being filled with dirt and stacked to form the walls of homes and other structures. As a building resource, old tires are free, abundant, and beautiful (?). And the best part is: during a storm, hail bounces right off!

Not your ordinary auto service shop!

Let’s face it, being average means you’re as close to the bottom of the group as you are to the top. Our goal is to be the very best auto repair facility in the Laguna Niguel and surrounding area! We want to set the standard that other shops can only hope to strive for. Toward that objective, it is the aim of every member of the QualityMotors team to excel in high quality repairs, efficient production, and superior customer service.
A critical part of achieving this goal is the input we receive from valued customers like YOU. Good or bad, we want to hear how you think we’re doing. Any feedback we receive is shared throughout the shop and helps to guide us as we adjust to an ever-changing automotive industry. As your automotive needs evolve, we want to evolve along with them so that we continue to meet your needs and serve you efficiently. So please, let us know how we are doing and what is most important to you!
Also, please know that the greatest compliment we receive is when a customer refers a friend, family member, or co-worker to us. This display of trust is greatly appreciated, is never taken for granted, and motivates us each and every day to do even better. For those of you who pass our name along to others, thank you!
We appreciate the opportunity you give us to serve your automotive needs. Any time we can be of assistance please don’t hesitate to stop by or give us a call. We’re here for you!

Factoid of the day

Today’s Factoid:
New York was the first state to require license plates on vehicles. The year was 1901. The catch? You had to supply your own.


Hold your Horses!

Unsure his car would start again because of a weak battery, a man in Miami left the car running as he ran into a store to make a purchase. To be “safe,” he parked in a remote area of the lot, locked his car doors, and took the key fob with him. He returned to his car a half hour later to find it being chased by firemen and police. Apparently, his car had slipped out of park, into reverse, and began driving in circles around the parking lot. A policeman was finally able to smash a window, jump in, and apply the brakes.