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Alpina releases the new B4 coupe based on the BMW 4 series

BMW tuner Alpina has just released their new “B4” model based on the standard BMW 4-series coupe. The new B4 has a 3 liter 6-cylinder engine with a twin-turbo. This car has been clocked at 0-60MPH in 4.2 seconds.

See photos and read more at BMWblog 

The new BMW X4 Concept exhibited at the LA Auto Show 2013

The blue is nice!

New MINI Photos!

Here’s the new MINI Cooper:

BMW takes a chance in shift to carbon fiber for auto efficiency edge

Bloomberg news reviews BMWs use of carbon fiber for savings of weight and fuel efficiency in the new plugin electric microcar i3, comparing them to other European car manufacturers in their strategy to be the king of new green tech in automotive performance.

Did you know that creating carbon fiber for the new BMW i3 involves stripping carbon atoms from acrylic threads, assembling mats from the carbon crystals and then injected with a plastic-based resin?

Read more at Bloomberg News.

Mercedes releases the “Final Version” of the AMG SLS

Say goodbye to the SLS AMG V8, what a sendoff!

8 minutes of crashes on the Nurburgring in Germany

Video taken in 2013 on the famous Nurburgring in Germany, luckily everyone was ok.

3rd Tesla fire in a row hurts their reputation for safety

Will BMW turn the green tech tide in their favor?

New BMW M3 spied on shooting of commercial footage

A spy video of the new BMW M3 sedan has been leaked onto Youtube, taken by a passing helmet cam on a motorcyclist.
Looks pretty fun!