About that road you’re driving on…

Asphalt starts out as a very hot goo. As it cools, it becomes hard (so we can drive on it), but also, somewhat brittle. Potholes begin as tiny cracks in the hardened surface of asphalt, due to traffic vibrations and the weight of heavy vehicles. These cracks allow water and ice to penetrate the asphalt surface and accelerate its degradation. The end result? Potholes. A materials science team at a university in the Netherlands has come up with a solution: ...

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MotorTrend shares their first reaction to driving the new Mercedes-Benz E250 Bluetec

MotorTrend’s Frank Markus takes the new 4-cylinder E250 Bluetec for a trip through the wilderness in Washington. Some takeaways, they didn’t get above 36MPG, the power is adequate and the navigation routes you to gas stations that have changed since the nav was updated. That’s a harsh finding in a brand new luxury Diesel hybrid from a leading automaker like Mercedes-Benz.

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