Higher Standards …

You can get your vehicle repaired anywhere, right? After
all, parts are parts. Every shop in town must buy the same parts.
So what difference does it make who works on your car?
The answer lies in the question: “What difference does it
make who works on your car?” All the difference in the world!
The proper repair and care of your vehicle boils down to
people; the “who” is the most important part of this equation.While
parts are parts, ...

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Coolant Issues in BMW, Mercedes and MINI

Your engine operates by converting very powerful explosions into rotational power. Every single minute your vehicle is running, thousands of these detonations occur. Just imagine the amount
of heat that is generated by all that firepower!

The system that manages all this heat is your radiator, cooling fan, and water pump. Coolant is circulated through the engine by the water pump where the combustion heat is collected. This
heat is then brought to the radiator via hoses and transferred to the atmosphere by the cooling ...

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Did you know

Did you know antihistamines can impair your driving more than alcohol? According to a study done at the University of Iowa, some medicines (such as those containing diphenhydramine) can make you drowsy, unfocused, affect your decision making abilities, and slow down your reaction times while driving.

Always read medicine labels carefully and follow all the precautions suggested. If it advises against driving, don’t!
NOTE: In most states, allergy medicines are considered drugs and you can be arrested for DUI if you are involved in an accident with them in your bloodstream.

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