Mercedes Cuteness Guaranteed

Hope your day is going better than this guy

BMW dreaming just like the old days!

Those awesome German parking systems!

Scandinavian tuner made a 1850 horsepower BMW M5 V10 engine drag racer

Detroit Auto Show gets a Mercedes G-class encased in “Amber”

The “Amber” is actually resin to support the weight of the 1979 G-class “dinosaur”

Delicious M chin spoiler

Audi’s RS 3 has some big tail pipes

Silly charity spaghetti BMW i3 sells for $117,000

How GM had to diagnose a vanilla ice cream problem with their cars

One BMW owners story of turning lemons into lemonade!

This poor BMW owner had a car fire and made the best of his situation by turning the chassis into a go-cart! Cool!

Then v. Now 😅 #bmw #m3 #e46 #e46m3 #ultimateklasse #bmwmnation #filthyhabitsfabrication #mkart

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Mercedes Coupes and Sailing just go together

Don’t they?

Did you know?


In Los Angeles, there are more cars than people.

Just another day in the USA

A 100+ pound wheel and tire combo of a passing tractor-trailer rig came off and careened through an Illinois home that was located adjacent to the highway. The homeowner, who was sitting in his favorite chair watching TV at the time, said the wheel came through a front window, bounced off the floor in front of him, then off of his new flat screen television, smashing it to pieces, before heading into the dining room where it wrecked a china cabinet and its contents before bouncing down the hall and into a bedroom, knocking pictures off the wall and wrecking a bookcase of collectibles along the way. It finally came to rest in a water bed, puncturing it, and flooding the bedroom carpet (plus the ceiling and furniture of the finished basement below) with water. Fortunately, no one was hurt in all the excitement; the homeowner told police it reminded him of a pinball machine, just less fun.

A true Chroma-chameleon car

What it feels like leaving work for the holiday weekend

Mannequin challenge masters

This is too awesome not to share:

The difference between November 2016 and December 2016

November December

Headlines that should be in the Onion…

Elephant thinks man is drowning, saves man

Filmed at a wildlife refuge in Thailand.