Here is 2018!

As we look back on the past year and consider all the wonderful customers and business associates we have the good fortune to serve and work with, all of us here at Quality Motors are overwhelmed with a profound sense of gratitude. We really do appreciate every one of you, and our shop newsletter is just our way of saying that to everyone at once—Thank You!
What’s ahead for 2018 as we begin our march forward? One thing you can count on is our continued commitment to high-quality, efficient, and thorough repairs and service. We know your continued loyalty and trust is not something we can assume, it is something we must earn, and that’s our intent.
Life is full of choices and surprises. We want to be that one rock-solid choice you don’t ever have to worry about again. When your vehicle needs attention, you know exactly who to call. Why? Because with Quality Motors there is never any surprises. Just people who care about you and your vehicle and who possess the talent, experience, work ethic, and equipment to get you “back on the road.”

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Don’t forget we work on Audis now, so bring your favorite Audi by today!