Carbon & Sludge build up in your engine

We can help keep sludge to a minimum!

The quality of the fuel and oils you use in your vehicle matters. As your engine is running, poor quality fuel and oil can leave behind performance robbing deposits. These deposits will gradually build up over time and cause you the following problems:

  • Premature Fuel Injector & Spark Plug Failure
  • Lower Fuel Economy & Loss of Performance
  • Hard Starting & Rough Running Conditions
  • Greatly Reduced Engine Life

So how can you avoid these problems?

  • Always use 91 Octane Gasoline ...
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Watch out for Bad Wreckers

Beware of tow trucks that show up out of nowhere in the event of a break down or accident. Dishonest operators monitor police scanners and will race to the scene of a stranded car and say anything
to get their towing releases signed. The only thing they won’t say is that your signature gives them exclusive repair authorization & expensive fees.

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About your Transmission!

The transmission is the most complex mechanical system in your vehicle. As such, it is one of the most expensive to repair or replace. Because it is mechanical in nature, it needs a special fluid to keep it working properly and protect its many finely-machined, intricate parts. Transmission fluid endures heavy abuse as you drive. One of its various jobs is to limit wear on the friction plates that control the transfer of energy from your vehicle’s engine to its ...

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A note about Tires

Your vehicle’s tires are expensive. You want them to last as long
as possible. So, what are the three most important things you can
do to ensure the longest possible life for your tires?

  •  Maintain proper tire pressure. Buy a high-quality tire gauge.
    Then, each time you fill up with fuel, use the gauge to check the
    pressure in each tire while the pump is running. The proper pressure
    for your vehicle is listed on a tag in the driver’s door ...
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Coolant Issues in BMW, Mercedes and MINI

Your engine operates by converting very powerful explosions into rotational power. Every single minute your vehicle is running, thousands of these detonations occur. Just imagine the amount
of heat that is generated by all that firepower!

The system that manages all this heat is your radiator, cooling fan, and water pump. Coolant is circulated through the engine by the water pump where the combustion heat is collected. This
heat is then brought to the radiator via hoses and transferred to the atmosphere by the cooling ...

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