Think of the new MBZ GLC as a C-class on stilts

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Mercedes to make their giant SUV~!

AWD and more coming to the next BMW 2-series

The fattening of America

America’s demographics are changing. One of the world’s largest crash-test-dummy makers is releasing an obese, 280-pound model so car manufacturers can test the effects that layers of fat have on safety restraints and air bag systems. “This American life,” no relation to the radio show!

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The girlfriend of a California man wrecked his brand new motorcycle. Afraid his insurance company wouldn’t cover the loss because he had loaned out the bike, the man convinced one of his buddies to tie him to the back of his truck and drag him down the road until he was sufficiently scraped up to look like he had had the motorcycle accident. When questioned by the insurance
investigator, however, his girlfriend buckled and confessed that it was she who was actually riding the damaged bike. (The best part is, the loss would have been covered either way.)

Interesting new technology for auto bodies

UltraTech International, Inc., has developed a paint coating that is both superhydrophobic (nothing wet will stick to it) and oleophobic (nothing oily will stick to it). The nearly-transparent product is called “Ultra-Ever Dry.” NissanMotor Company is experimenting with its use on their cars and trucks. Basically, with the Ultra-Ever Dry coating over the paint, you would never have to wash
your vehicle because it would never get dirty—nothing would stick to it! Mud, tar, bugs, bird droppings, snow, ice … it all just slides right off!

Did you know? China Edition!

In China, the number 4 is considered bad luck
since it is pronounced the same as their word for
“death.” As such, you won’t find license plates
with that number in them, or bus numbers, or train
cars. They also skip the 4th floor, 14th floor, 24th
floor (any floor with a 4 in its number), in addition
to the 13th floor. So a fifty story building in China
might only have 35 actual levels.