The transmission is the most complex mechanical system in your vehicle. As such, it is one of the most expensive to repair or replace. Because it is mechanical in nature, it needs a special fluid to keep it working properly and protect its many finely-machined, intricate parts. Transmission fluid endures heavy abuse as you drive. One of its various jobs is to limit wear on the friction plates that control the transfer of energy from your vehicle’s engine to its wheels. As it does this particular job, some wear is inevitable. So transmission fluid is designed to also carry this abrasive material through a filtering system. Over time, however, the fluid loses its ability to perform this function efficiently. It must be replaced! If not, wear and tear of your transmission’s internal parts will accelerate. Ultimately, this will result in component failure and a very BIG repair bill. Fortunately, a simple and relatively inexpensive transmission service, done on a periodic basis, will prevent this problem and allow your transmission to run great and last for the life of your car.