Your engine operates by converting very powerful explosions into rotational power. Every single minute your vehicle is running, thousands of these detonations occur. Just imagine the amount
of heat that is generated by all that firepower!

The system that manages all this heat is your radiator, cooling fan, and water pump. Coolant is circulated through the engine by the water pump where the combustion heat is collected. This
heat is then brought to the radiator via hoses and transferred to the atmosphere by the cooling fan. If any single component of this system fails, your engine will begin to overheat in a matter
of seconds. Catastrophic damage to your engine will occur very quickly. NEVER try to make it home or to the shop if you suspect your vehicle is having a cooling system problem. If your
temperature gauge moves out of its normal range (up or down) or you notice steam or smoke, immediately get safely off the road, turn your engine off, and call a tow truck.

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B Eagle