Isn’t it a great feeling when you find yourself in the market for a product or service, and you just happen to know someone in that industry? Maybe your refrigerator quits working one day, but you just happen to have a good friend in the appliance repair business. You can make sound decisions with confidence knowing you’ll get accurate, honest advice from someone who cares about you.

At Quality Motors, we think of ourselves as your friend in the automotive business. Let’s face it, vehicles today are very complicated. They require regular maintenance, periodic repairs, and nearly every household in the U.S. has at least one or more. Because of all this, the potential for consumer abuse is great. The fact is, automotive-related issues consistently make the top ten list of all consumer complaints received by the Federal Trade Commission each year (actually it’s #8 for 2014, with 3% of total complaints, and #10 in Better Business Bureau statistics).

We think the problem is this: far too many repair shops look at their customers as lottery tickets. They are less concerned with seeing you again and more concerned with getting as much money out of you as they can—today! At Quality Motors, we turn the table on that idea. We consider every one of our customers as a long-term friend. Our priority is to establish relationships that span decades.We know the only way to do that is to provide you with value, honesty, and great service—today. So that’s what we do!

Thanks for reading, sincerely,

your Quality Motors team!