“GT Spirit” tours the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart, Germany

GT Spirit takes us on a tour of the MBZ museum in Stuttgart in their wonderful walk-through article.

Some interesting factoids:

The architecture was  designed by UN Studio and is inspired by DNA’s double-helix shape see more in Mercedes below:


The museum has 177605 square feet of displays

They offer 2 different tours daily

7 legend rooms detail different legendary times in Mercedes-Benz history

More info on the museum linked here.

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Rare Mercedes Lotec C1000 to be auctioned

Expecting to fetch 1-1.3 million US Dollars at auction, the Lotec / Mercedes-Benz C1000, a supercar dreamed up by a billionaire in the United Arab Emirates was produced in 1995 and is called “C1000” because of it’s all carbon-fiber body and it’s 1000 horsepower MBZ engine. The original car specs state that the car has a 0-60 time of just over 3 seconds, this hasn’t yet been independently verified. The auction house RKM Collector Car Auctions will be in charge of ...

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New Mercedes-Benz C-class images show Google Maps in navigation

Apparently, the new Mercedes-Benz C-class will follow a short list of Google Map nav systems to feature Google Maps as the native navigation app. Cnet reports that recently published interior photos of the new C-class shows Google Earth and Maps embedded into the controls of the infotainment system in the dashboard.

From the article:

“Audi uses Google Earth satellite imagery for its navigation system, although the head unit’s computer performs all route calculation. The Tesla Model S offers ...

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