The answer is true. Most modern radiators are cooled with electric-driven fans instead of by a belt-driven fan like cars of old. Fan belts, however, did more than just spin a fan. They also used the rotation of the engine to power the alternator which gives your vehicle electrical energy, the power steering pump to make your vehicle easier to control, the air conditioner compressor to cool you off on hot summer days, as well as air pumps and coolant pumps on many models. Today, those components are still spun by a belt called a “serpentine belt.” What happens if your serpentine belt fails? Your steering suddenly becomes hard to control and your engine begins to drain the battery (very quickly). Plus, if no coolant is circulating through the radiator, catastrophic engine damage is imminent. Serpentine belts are made of rubber. They wear out, dry out, crack, and stretch. These are all signs that indicate it is time to replace the belt. Ask us to do a “belt check” on your next visit!

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